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Our Quality

All processes at Art of Technology are in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 & ISO13485 (including MDD, AIMD), with the design processes also being in accordance with the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP).

Our flexible and adaptable quality system ensures the appropriate project specific quality levels from the very first design step, all the way through to the production of commercial, industrial, medical and space projects.

Consistent quality documentation throughout the duration of the project including risk analysis, management and technical documentation for CE approval are of course included.

Traceability of HW/SW components and systems, SW version control, release management and supplier audits can (on request) be included in the project requirements.


ISO9001 & ISO13485

(valid until 14th September 2018)

SQS Certificate IQNet Certificate


2006 TI Low Power RF Third Party Network Member
First Certification according to ISO13485

(including Active Implantable Device Directive, AIMD)


First Certification according to ISO13485

(including Medical Device Directive, MDD)

First certification according to ISO9001



European IST Prize

Information Society Prize for the development of an Advanced care & alert portable tele-medical MONitor «AMON»


ITG Innovation Prize 2001

Information Technology Society Prize awarded by the Swiss Electrotechnical Association (SEA) for the article

"Der schnelle Weg zur Miniaturisierung von Elektronik"


Award for Excellence: Outstanding Paper

from the scientific journal "Microelectronics International" for the

article Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Integrated Passivess


«Technologiestandort Schweiz»

for the world's smallest Pentium® MCM